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Some Vertical Search Engines

According to search engine wiki pedia, Google, Yahoo and Bing share almost 98% search engine market. However, there are still 2% underground search engines. They provide search in particular area, some of them may be banned by the universal search engine like Duckduckgo.com. I tried to input “Porn” and there is nothing returned. I remember Matt Cutt’s first job in Google is to find porn sites, then keep them “safe”. So, Here we go.

  1. Torrent Search Engine: torrent-finder.info/
  2. House Foreclosures: realestate.aol.com/blog/foreclosures/
  3. Pornography: www.booble.com
  4. Public Record: www.publicrecordcenter.com




McAfee SiteAdvisor Overview

When I read some papers related classifying malicious/benign web sites, it mentioned McAfee SiteAdvisor. I went through the official website and installed plug-in to play around. I found it is a good adviser because it not only provides nuisance sore also provide how does malicious software modify our own system. The other nice feature the SiteAdvisor provided is “Are you the owner of this site? Leave a comment”. By using this, website owner may have chance to let SiteAdvisor to re-evaluate.

We could install a McAfee SiteAdvisor plug-in to our web browser. When we search some web site by key words, the SiteAdvisor will advice us by four levels mark: green one is Safe, means very low or no risk issue; yellow one is Caution, means minor risk issue; red one is warning, means serious risk issue.

I input key words “kylogger”, the result is shown on below. As we can see, some websites are safe but some are risky.

We can view site report by clicking on the red mark icon. One part of report is download test.

SiteAdvisor also provides mark for each dowload files. There is a Nuisance Score related with the file. The most attractive part is How does it modify my system.

On the report, the SiteAdvisor also provides the online affiliations for the link, which give the web user overall picture about the website and its affiliations.


The backend of the SiteAdvisor maybe more interesting but I’d like to leave it for a while. Later, I may go through other similar product.

Why Facebook

Why people like social on Fackbook? I asked my friend.

Q: hey, my co-worker wants to know, why people like facebook more than others, like QQ, myspace, etc.

A: cuz everyone is using them, lol

Q: so, why everyone using it? more fancy?

A: easier to communicate and share, i guess. and you can pick whatever you want to see.

Q: but why I don’t login so often?

A: cuz you are too busy, facebook is for the bored office dudes like me.


Trac on Ubuntu

I am looking for some platform can manage some projects and share some ideas. I have used Twiki which implemented by Perl and I have also used Tikiwiki which implemented by PHP. However, people recommended that Trac is good for development project. The benefits are as follows:

  • SVN to manage code check-in/check-out
  • Wiki page to have document for each changes and implementations.
  • Bug preview and bug tracking
  • More…

So, I followed the TracOnUbuntu to install. I still need time to figure out how to maintain the system.


Besides the link above, there are two things need to be considered.

  1. sudo chmod -R +w /var/lib/trac/, otherwise, the web page will throw exceptions.
  2. sudo htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd username, otherwise, you can’t login to revise wiki page.

Silverlight: Standard Rather Than Product

I recently went to realDeveloper tour hold by Microsoft. The topic of this year is around web application. The next release of .NET will be launched on Feb some day next year. Everybody is happy with that. Although Silverlight is not major topic of the presentation, a quite lot people brought the question about that. If you go to Silverlight website, you will find out that it is actually a kind of new technology to compete with AJAX.

Well, what’s wrong with AJAX? Microsoft listed several problems that currently we always encountered. However, in my opinion, Microsoft is intent to come up with new technology, which can be binding with .NET platform and which can compete any technology that does not belong to Microsoft. I should say, Cool!

Here brought a question: What are you selling? Most people think that, companies are suppose to sell products, which are either hardware or software. It’s true. However, in the real world, we can probably group all companies to three levels. The third level companies are selling products. The second level companies are selling solutions, such as IBM. The first level companies are actually selling technical standard, such as Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco. It would not be surprised that Microsoft tried to replace XML by XAML.

Microsoft Office Live: Better late than never

I have heard that Microsoft headed to Web Office for a long time. However, they don’t really want to do that since they got huge profit from their off-line Office packages. Until recently, when Google announced Presentation as the enhancement of Google Docs on the web, Microsoft realized they have to pay more attention on Web Office markets. The market has not been blue ocean. There were quite a lot sharks there.

Google is the biggest one in my opinion. Google has already combined Google Docs to Google Apps package, which includes Gmail, Calendar, Docs&Spreadsheet and Presentation. This type of web application attracted many small businesses, enterprises and institutions. For me, I’d like to discuss small project with people on Google Docs. Why not, it’s more visualized than MSN or other Instant Messenger. The most attractive thing in here is, everyone can participate composing document and save a lot of time to transfer revision files.

Google Presentation Screen Shot


Google SpreadSheet Screen Shot


ZOHO is another one and actually, ZOHO provide more sophisticated web application to their customers. People still concern about several issues when they really work online. The question will be such as

  • where is the web application host server, intranet or the Internet?
  • How to protect our business data?
  • How to enhance web security?

ZOHO Main Page Screen Shot

Now, here comes Microsoft Office Live. I don’t even doubt their products. Only thing I really concern is, What the strategies of marketing for promoting Office Live and Office 2007 at the same time. Until now, unlike Google, Microsoft did not put Office Live link onto Windows Live. What does Microsoft expect too much for Office Live? We’ll see.


Since Web Office give people chances to easy collaboration and communication, more people will adopt this kind of web application sooner or later. Therefore, entering this market will be, better late than never.